Friday, January 27, 2006


I got this sparkler in the mail today. Ebay. Tres kyewt!

I am so loving 18K yellow gold right now. A girl, I mean, WOMAN, can only handle so much 10, heck even "14" Karat from the hood for so long. Gold fill, even worse.

Of course if ever faced with a choice, it's gotta be 24K, but because it's so soft you can't really set stones and go all out. Of course you can do a chain, a charm, a band...and they're GOOD. Don't be afraid of the yellow,'s the hot shit. Real rekanize real.

Gold is currently trading off the gotta be ballin, or dumb, to buy it pure right now. Just a heads up, in case you head to Canal St for New Year festivities and get hypnotized by the dangling chains in all the windows...mmmmm.

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