Thursday, January 12, 2006

Canned Coffee

A can of coffee with a free toy topper is my idea of kyewt.

Walking alone in the back streets of Shibuya a few years ago, past love hotels and strange little restaurants in the rain, I came face to face with four, humming, illuminated hot coffee machines and just standing there with them felt comforting.

You plonk your coins in and choose. Which brand/can/flavor to choose proves challenging when you don't speak Japanese, sure. Will it be hot? Will it have milk? Sugar? You take a good guess and press a button. The can rolls down. Pop the top and you're sipping on a little bit of steamy heaven. Mmmmmm the universal language of coffee and love. YUM!

I found this website, which may help me the next time I'm in the presence of one of those wonderful machines. Reviews of canned coffee, ranging from longwinded and literary to short and snappy, are here, posted by writers of all varieties. The site has some sort of coffee-journal-late-night-insane-fest-on-paper for sale. There's also an ode to coffee by Balzac on the homepage. You gotta love that. The site is hosted by Chin Music Press, the Japan/Seattle-based publishing house devoted to creating books as objets. Nice stuff!

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