Friday, January 27, 2006

Chocolate: The Guide for Boys

When you hear all that stuff about chocolate being better than sex, and see all those cartoons and tourist tees with pathetic women dreaming of chocolate and blah blah blah...well, they're all based on real stuff. We like chocolate. Sometimes it is better than sex. And when we get our period we want it even more than we usually do. Here's my point: it, along with other things, is the way or perhaps I should say, a very solid way to a girl's heart. It's always a good gift. It's a REALLY good gift if you don't eat any of it and you watch us eat it ALL without saying a word. Muah!

With V-day coming up, I thought I'd give you a rundown of good choices for your lady. Just say no to Whitman's Samplers. Also, 1lb minimum - no little four piece box.

From top to bottom:

Fauchon - for the Princess. Straight up.
Vosges - for the truffle lovah or design snob.
MarieBelle - for the LES lady who owns her own apartment.
Li-lac - for the West Vil girl with a soft side.

If you're in Cali....

It's See's. Delicious all, every and anytime.

Can you guess which one I want?

Here's a hint: it's pink.

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