Saturday, January 07, 2006

Hagen-Renaker Minis

Founded almost by accident in 1945 by a husband and wife duo, Hagen-Renaker makes handcrafted ceramic figurines. They make a ton of horses that people go ga-ga for, and also produced Disney collectibles for many years. Most appealing to my kyewt sensibility are these miniatures. The San Dimas, California-based company has new release and retired figures every year.

Sister was big on miniatures back in the day. When visiting my grandma in Frisco, we'd troop a few blocks down in the Sunset district to a little Chinese-run gift shop and she'd go crazy over itty bitty foodstuffs, brass lamps or household utensils and the like, for her setup back home.

Being the older sister with no dollhouse, I'd buy a few of these little guys.

Averaging about an inch, they still come on small pieces of paper printed with the instructions "to remove - soak in water" -- which I can't remember ever following. I'll have to rummage through the archives at mom and dad's to see if they have little paper pads on their paws.

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