Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Here's my new favorite KYEWT thing of 2006. See little weeble wobble-ish babies above. They are called Unazukin and they're fairies. They generally live in the woods and are good at listening to your problems.


I had to chose the pink blog template. It's kind of annoying and I prefer the plain one that everyone uses, but like, it's pink. And pink is....CUTE! Yay!

Ok, pause. The tone of this entry thusfar is reminding me of this dude who used to make fun of me, shit-talking about my penchant for pink and love of anything small and cute. He loved it of course (how could you not) but playfully ragged on me: "oh, Minya, why don't you get a car and paint it PINK and then put pinstripes on it that are HOT PINK and then have AfroKen on the license plate!?"

I'm starting this blog becuse so much of my time and headspace is devoted to things that are cute. And if you don't know who the abovementioned AfroKen is, well....you should.

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