Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Junko Mizuno

I tore through Pure Trance, the graphic novel (first translated into English) by one of my very favorite artists, Junko Mizuno over the holiday break. I'm a fan of her twisted, feminist, sexy, perverted and mega kyewt illustrating, and though her revisionist fairy tales were awesome, they were short and printed on newspaper-y print and I wanted more. Pure Trance is great. It's long and meaty and the story goes a little something like this:

Underground society, no food just pills, disorder called Hyperorexia where ladies stuff themselves full of said pills, hospital to treat them run by a crazy, drug addict witch. Sexy nurses who actually care about the patients don't know what to do. More sexy nurses who are man-made beat up on the real nurses. Escape from the hospital. Chasing. A hot, smart n' sexy explorer chick. Riding around on giant fluffy dogs with long ears. Teddy bears that you hide things in. Lots of meat eating. Super cute dresses, headbands, boots and heart shaped panties. Ahhhhhhh....what a girl wants, indeed.

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