Monday, January 23, 2006

Kyewt Porn

CLAW says baby animals are like porn for girls.

She found this money shot after typing "baby bunny" into google images.

Onion booty, baby bunnies, tomayto, tamahto - same thing. All NOT work.


Melissa said...

how old are you? sorry but what is the point of this blog?

Minya said...

Well lewdangel, I mean Melissa, I am very adult -- was that what you were getting at?

Uhhhh....the point of this blog is...drumroll please...things that are KYEWT (CUTE)...get it?! Like, things. that. are. cute.

Maybe if I put pictures of myself drunk or with bad hairdos, then it will all click and make sense for you? It'll be all introspective and deep and shit and I'll start covering like, the art scene in Canada and talking about my ex boyfriends...

Teehee. As IF.

Happy trails and may la kywet be with you,