Thursday, January 12, 2006

Piedmont Boutique

Powerhouse Sara and I had lunch the other day and rattled off a kajillion 80s fashion trends we loved. Then somehow, we bonded over our love for Piedmont -- the Haight/Ashbury institution filled with more earrings, hair clips, glittery tights, bangle bracelets and super-fly junky accessories than you could ever dream of.

She told me that they make everything there, which is mind-boggling. You have to see the amount of stuff they have to truly understand this -- we're talking a WALL of earrings, people. Glitter tights dip-dyed in 30 hues. It doesn't stop...

She also told me they sell on the web. I don't need it -- earrings cost like 5 bux, but I managed to drop close to 200 last month. But should you need it, go crazy and relive your middle school earring fantasies here.

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miss rosen said...

honey i need a plane ticket to sf .. ohh wait .. i already booked my ticket .. i cannot wait to see what they have in baby pink plastic ..