Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Sparkle-Pony and Cool Breeze emailed CLAW and me about The Pony Project. They are desperado for anything related to it. Claw's pony was soooooo kyewt. What a night.

Sparkle-Pony and Cool Breeze are a mother daughter duo from Tatum, Texas and are cuckoo for Hasbro's My Little Pony. I found this picture on their homepage along with lots and lots of information, weirdness and la kyewt. They explain:

"Here we have many fanciful BABY animals. Yes, these are also My Little Pony items. They are called; My Little Pony Friends and Pretty Pals. There is a dinosaur named Cutesaurus, an elephant (Edgar), a calf (Leafy), panda (Nectar), moose, (Oakly) Llama (ChaCha), kangaroo (Hoppy), lamb (Wooly), and even kittens, and rabbits. The kittens and rabbits come from sets called, Li'l Litters. The Moose and the Llama range from $20 - $40. See the pink, small item in the middle? That is a My Little Pony Charm. Some of these go for over $25. These were only available from McDonalds in the St. Louis Missouri area in 1984. Many people think these are bookmarks. There are six different charms."

Ohhhhhh ChaCha the Llama.
Ohhhhhh Nectar, with your baby blue markings.

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