Thursday, January 05, 2006

Ron Rege for Letter Pressed

For all the stationery I have, I write so few letters. But when I pay my rent, it's always in a nice envelope and sealed with a dope sticker.

Being a stationery/sticker fiend and daughter of an art director (many days after school were spent making runs with mom to "Auggie the printer"), I definitely get giddy over a good print job. Letterpress is sublime. The heads at Letter Pressed agree. They are making some kyewt stuff...

This artist series card by Ron Rege Jr. is cool. he's an artist who recently made some toys for Tylenol's far-reaching, hipster-wooing marketing push called Ouch! Get that paper, kid!

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Mark said...

Thanks for the comments about the card we did with Ron! It's been long since sold out, but it's even more popular these days than when it was released so maybe we'll reprint it.
Anyway, thanks again for the kind words.