Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Ladys Pop


Kyewtest sox from Vegas!

Word to Buffalo Exchange...the NCPs hit that ish uuuuuup.

The Sundays

I'm a nostalgic girl for sure, but I confess with a certain amount of confusion that for the past few months I have been ob-frikking-sessed with Reading, Writing & Arithmetic. This is the 1990 debut album from The Sundays of course, led by one Miss Harriet Wheeler. Look at her in this picture...so kyewt in her little jeans, her slightly bouffant updo and wispy bangs. I truly believe she LAID IT DOWN for crooning alterna girls everywhere with her lilting, pouty, acrobatic girly voice.

Listening to it today takes me right back to high school; my first love, driving the old station wagon, smoking cigarettes, my worn in docs, hating President Bush, writing poetry. Half the time I can't really understand what she's saying, but singing along to emotionally charged lines like the last one in "You're Not the Only One I Know" - it's that little souvenir of a colorful year which makes me smile inside / so I cynically, cynically say the world is that way / surprise, surprise, surprise, surprise, surprise" still feels so right. Yeah! The world is that way. Surprise, fucking surprise.

The whole album is flawless. I can't say the same for their sophmore effort, Blind.

I found this kooky article by John Polewach at Stylus magazine. His points are debatable (his thesis involves contrast of The Sundays' "Can't Be Sure" and "I Kicked a Boy" with The Smiths' "Hand In Glove" and "Handsome Devil") but I love the fact that the dialogue's even happening. Cuz it's crazy.

I wish Reading, Writing & Arithmetic had like twenty six more tracks.

I miss you, Harriet! I hope your life is great....

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Harold Hunter

Your always kyewt spirit will be missed.
Rest in peace.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Uhhhhhhhhhh (tiny gerbil)

This is how I felt last night after eating too many Valentine's chocolates.

Fauchon, btw. THANK YOU, BABY!!!!!!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Netherland Dwarf - WTF?!

Well well well....what do we have here?

In perfect yin-yang black and white, for your Valentine's Day viewing pleasure, I'm proud to introduce the cutest breed of bunny in the land..the Netherland Dwarf. She has tiny little ears, a flattish face and a little round body that makes you want to pick her up, snuggle her very intensely for a minute and then shove her in your pocket for safekeeping.

Take another look. JEsus!!!

When I see these, I am Steinbeck's Lennie, wanting nothing more than a beautiful life tending to the hutch. I listen to George sell me the dream as visions of teeny Netherland Dwarfs dance in my mind, "...we'll have a big vegetable patch and a rabbit hutch and chickens. And when it rains in the winter, we'll just say the hell with goin' to work, and we'll build up a fire in the stove and set around it an' listen to the rain comin' down on the roof...'"

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Nike Valentine's

Had a nice little adventure out to famous Moe's in Queens today (thanks, J!!!) where I copped these little kyewties. Pink pink pinkitty pink pink with a red swoosh and bubble, and "i (heart) nike" on the insole. I love the '97. I love all the Air Max sneaks actually. I'm just waiting for the gold 1995s -- already have 'em on hold before they've arrived beeyatches...

I also bought a teeny pair of Wallos. The Clan would be proud, and my honey informed me that they filmed the Ice Cream video out there...

You're lookin good fly colored asian. Thank you, Rae!

PS -- Mr. fresh water scrod himself, Ghostface was looking kyewter than ever at ASR last month.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Marc Marrone

Speaking of Martha, she is so frikkin genius for plucking this dude out of public access land and giving him a show with a budget.

Totally the highlight of my weekend mornings.

According to the website, it's a show for teens. Who knew? Teens?

Kyewt Food - Little candy peeps

The topic of cute foods came up tonight as we nibbled baby veggies, tiny steaks and bitty cakes (thanks, Meltin' Pot!) and this image instantly came to mind.

At the end of the day, no one really does it better than she does.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Internet Dolls? Dollz?

If anyone's an expert in these....school me.

This world of slutty, kyewt, tiny, fashion-loving, fantasy-based pixel "dolls" has been around for a while now. You see them on web pages, as chat icons etc. It's a global phenom and yet, I don't fully get it. I guess manipulating their hair and outfits is an art or hobby and there's a community of fellow fun-makers out there so why not, right?

Not so much my bag, howevah...looking at the crazy sites and picking out the digidoll that looks like you (if you shopped at Joyce Leslie, Rainbow Shops or the juniors department at Macy's Herald Square -- which we all did in our poorer, younger years, so no offense) is kind of fun.

In the assortment above, though I don't much care for any of these ladies, I'd have to peg myself top row, 3rd from left. Ms. Pink Outfit. Ok, I'd never wear that, but she has a sort of smug, bitch face that I can relate to. And yes, I know they all have the SAME face, but it's the princessy bangs and big hair that have her saying "ummmm, I don't think so!" with a familiar ring. Also, I'd never wear high boots, a dress over pants or a handkerchief hem -- and things like that alone do a lot of the elimination work for ya.

Here's one of my favorite "dollz" sites thuggndivazdollz, for your viewing pleasure.


My neighborhood friend, Nutenti brought my guitar back tonight. I let him borrow it indefinitely after he spotted it lying in a corner behind some stacks of crap at my house, dusted it off and began jamming. I figured hey, why let it go to waste? I wasn't playing it. In fact, I had only strummed it once or twice since acquiring it (I swapped it for a copy of Photoshop) long ago, maybe 1996, the Williamsburg days. Anyway, the only thing I know how to play is the three or so chords that make up "Doll Parts" by Hole.

But lately...I've been having alterna-folk-rock fantasies, I keep telling Richard and Sean we should start an early '90s cover band, and I'm revisiting lots of good music that involves plenty of guitar.

AND, more importantly, I'm QUITTING SMOKING. So it's good to keep the nimble Chinese fingers busy with something more productive than lifting ciggy to lips.

Quitting Smoking


Quitting Smoking!!!


Day 6.