Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Internet Dolls? Dollz?

If anyone's an expert in these....school me.

This world of slutty, kyewt, tiny, fashion-loving, fantasy-based pixel "dolls" has been around for a while now. You see them on web pages, as chat icons etc. It's a global phenom and yet, I don't fully get it. I guess manipulating their hair and outfits is an art or hobby and there's a community of fellow fun-makers out there so why not, right?

Not so much my bag, howevah...looking at the crazy sites and picking out the digidoll that looks like you (if you shopped at Joyce Leslie, Rainbow Shops or the juniors department at Macy's Herald Square -- which we all did in our poorer, younger years, so no offense) is kind of fun.

In the assortment above, though I don't much care for any of these ladies, I'd have to peg myself top row, 3rd from left. Ms. Pink Outfit. Ok, I'd never wear that, but she has a sort of smug, bitch face that I can relate to. And yes, I know they all have the SAME face, but it's the princessy bangs and big hair that have her saying "ummmm, I don't think so!" with a familiar ring. Also, I'd never wear high boots, a dress over pants or a handkerchief hem -- and things like that alone do a lot of the elimination work for ya.

Here's one of my favorite "dollz" sites thuggndivazdollz, for your viewing pleasure.

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