Thursday, February 09, 2006

Marc Marrone

Speaking of Martha, she is so frikkin genius for plucking this dude out of public access land and giving him a show with a budget.

Totally the highlight of my weekend mornings.

According to the website, it's a show for teens. Who knew? Teens?


Dan in PA said...

Why is the show no longer on (ended 9-17-06 according to the website)? This was a unique and interesting show. Was it Marc's decision or was the show pulled?

Anonymous said...

Two questions: 1. Why does Marc Marrone wear a turtle neck with his shirts? Now I want my husband to do this sometimes. I must admit I do love that look.

2. What happened to the show? I love this show like no other! He alone knows how to teach us about animals. I learned so much. I need to know if he wanted this or was this done to him. Can we protest or do a petition to get him back on? I hope he comes back on tv in the future. He provides a great service.
Jeannie H.