Saturday, February 11, 2006

Nike Valentine's

Had a nice little adventure out to famous Moe's in Queens today (thanks, J!!!) where I copped these little kyewties. Pink pink pinkitty pink pink with a red swoosh and bubble, and "i (heart) nike" on the insole. I love the '97. I love all the Air Max sneaks actually. I'm just waiting for the gold 1995s -- already have 'em on hold before they've arrived beeyatches...

I also bought a teeny pair of Wallos. The Clan would be proud, and my honey informed me that they filmed the Ice Cream video out there...

You're lookin good fly colored asian. Thank you, Rae!

PS -- Mr. fresh water scrod himself, Ghostface was looking kyewter than ever at ASR last month.

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