Friday, March 31, 2006

Hal the Coyote from Westchester

I have been a bad bad blogger. But whatever, it's my blog.

I definitely should have given shoutouts to this kyewtie sooner, tho.

Who's a wily and curious 35-pound wubbie who ran all buckwild through Central Park, freaking people out and making authorities (even choppers!) bumble around like dorks trying to find him? HAL THE COYOTE FROM WESTCHESTER!!!!!

Maybe he chilled with the rat brigade, the pigeon posse or the secret squirrel service late at night. Maybe he lay across the giant slabs of schist that protrude from the ground, intrigued by the glittering mica by day, the artificial glitter from lights on 59th street, CPW and 5th by night. Did he sprint across the Sheep's Meadow? Play king of the hill at Belvedere Castle? Sweet sweet freedom!

I bet he had a great time in our majestic Olmsted oasis...just like my high school boyfriend and I used to back in the day.

*Soundtrack for Hal's Freedom Ride: "Gold Lion" by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs...tell me what ya saw

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Neo Kaiju - Seonna Hong Vinyl

Allow me to nerd out for a moment.

I was psyched to find these kyewties designed by Seonna Hong for "Neo Kaiju," a new capsule project. Five American artists were asked create two, 3" figures - one an homage to Japanese monsters (kaiju), the other an original creature from their imagination. Tako Girl, the purple one, is a little sexy member of the octopus family, I think. Nuthugger, the green squirrel is all Seonna all day.

Her husband, Tim Biskup made two figures too. Hers are more sold out than his, and waaaaaaaay kyewter. Heehee.

It's nice to have girl-designed vinyl.

Monday, March 13, 2006

eLouai's Candybar Dollmaker

'Member the post a few weeks back about internet "dollz?"

Well....CLAW sent me the link to this website this morning and it definitely wins the most mind-numbingly-kyewt-way-to-kill-time award of the day!

Sigh. I just pissed away a half hour working on the above masterpiece.

Choose from a million combos and make a dozen little yous.

I'm really feeling the monkey swinging from my waist, the gold hoops and necklace, fishnets, heart shaped rouge and of course....what looks like Lloyd down on the lower left corner. Meow!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Target African Hobo

Everyone knows that Target's the case study for bringing "design" to the masses....yeah yeah yeah they set it off with that gross Michael Graves teapot forever ago....but hell, I'm always pleasantly surprised when I shop there. (TIP: I try to avoid the one in the Bronx, because if that store doesn't make you want to run from the ghetto hills and ensconce yourself in the rich, whitewashed burbs nothing will -- try White Plains for a much more pleasant shopping experience). I gotta give it up to the big red for coming correct with this African print hobo purse. They have four different fabrics and they're all pretty kyewt. Get 'em here.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Netherland Dwarf II

"Hey hey, you know me. I'm a Netherland Dwarf, remember? You can recognize me by my fat little body, crazy round head and tiny tulip ears! Just wanted to say what's up."