Thursday, April 27, 2006

Joyce Carol Oates

This dog looks like my favorite writer Joyce Carol Oates.

I am currently reading a collection of her short stories called "I Am No One You Know" . I love JCO in these small doses -- little tight giblets of prose that add up to a whopper of a meal, or across longer works where she really lets loose with abstract fragments and all that good stuff.

I read her all the time, and lucky for me she's the most prolific American writer out there. I think if she was a man and put out less work, she'd be even more famous than she is. Which is basically SUPER wack, but the way things work.

JCO is a professor at Princeton and I wish I had gone there so I could have studied with her. I wanted to interview her for something but then the thought of being face to face with her made me so nervous I never pursued it.

Her recurring themes are right up my alley and I love how she can take you right smack into the middle of a character's insane headtrip with one carefully crafted line....

Totally heart you Ms. Oates.

Xiang Xiang Free!

Xiang Xiang (it means auspicious, of course -- ooooh my people), the invitro panda raised in captivity in Wolong, China will be set FREEEEEE tomorrow. Just in time for the blossoming of new bamboo shoots. JACKPOT! Look at his picture above, he's such a model.

He's four years old and a healthy 176 pounds. He'll be under surveilllance of course, but aren't we all.

Pandas are so dope. They're really beautiful and really picky about who they have sex with, which makes them really rare. Only 1,600 out there in the wild. Wild.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Pig Olympics

For some reason, they have Pig Olympics in Moscow. Here are three little guys in the swim competition.

These guys are so kyewt. I heart pigs.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Chewy Vuitton

This is CLAWCAKES' baby, Peepers Marie Saint. I thought it was Peeps Saint Marie. She also goes by Little Jimmy. Either way, she's a wild and crazy beyatch just like her mamma.

Peep Peeps' jiggy Chewy Vuitton plush.....mmm mmm good! Ladies love logos! Buy it here.

Hot damn you're a foxy lady, Jimmy!

Monday, April 17, 2006


I've always been into doing my nails. Sister can attest to my late night polish sessions as early as 6th grade. It's always been a regular part of my lady maintenance and I always say, nail tech is totally my fall back career. I'm good.

Over the years, I've amassed a sick collection of more than 200 bottles of nail polish and a shoebox crammed with nail art supplies. I've got decals, rhinestones, Japanese glitter gels, even a tiny drill for piercing and sweet golden charms. Call me crazy, or pure nerd, I'm obsessed.

Back in my secretarial days, I went tip crazy and spent hours in a salon near Hachette until Mara was like "lose the tips, they look like chiclets and they freak me out." Point taken. I was au natural until a recent trip to Miami and all the baby hipster girls running ghetto fabulous-lite around town got me inspired. So I find myself sitting for hours and hours once again, this time with the super rad Nancy in a tiny salon on 85th and Amsterdam. The Upper West isn't exactly a nail decoration kind of 'hood, but Nancy's down to try anything I like and all the work gives her an excuse to stay late and watch her Chinese soaps. Tonight, even though she prefaced it with a sniff and "not so beautiful! for Valentine's Day, why now?" she laboriously applied the tiny foil hearts that I brought in. I haven't used them since copping them at Shibuya 109. If you don't know what that yourself on the ganguro goodness and drop by next time you're in Jp.

And yes, that's me in the pigtails above (with sister and cousins Amy and Julie). The original nail gangstress. Act like you know.

Sunday, April 16, 2006


I took this test and I am not simply a geek, dork or nerd. My results read PURE NERD.

Jeeeesus. I mean, I know I know, but....PURE nerd?

No one on the page came close to my nerd quotient, everyone's all 59%, 46%. The guys who have pictures of themselves shirtless with their muscles out came in at like 23% nerd. Is it any wonder I can't even talk to dudes like that?

Yours truly came in at a whopping 83% nerd. Only thing is....I'm only 22% dork. I think that means that I am an attractive and sociable lifetime learner. Yeah baby....I heart books.

Death Cab 4 Kyewtie's Ben Gibbard

Sean took me to the Death Cab For Cutie concert on Thursday night and it was grrrrreat. We thought we spilled booze on Ben's gfriend up in the box, but it wasn't her. Just some surly broad with asymmetrical hair.

Outside the after party downtown, I felt like a herb asking Ben G. to take this flick with me, but too bad - I wanted it. Some guy he was talking to offered to take it and then totally rolled his eyes at me, but Ben snuggled in and said "so nice to meet you!" You gotta love the sweet and sensitive, 'specially when they've got awkward-sexy stage moves. Mmmmmmhmmmmm.

Bah da ba da ba baaa
Bah da ba ba ba da da daaa

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Spring Has Sprung

Daylight Savings Time, wacky weather and as captured today, the tree outside my window in full bloom.

Now if the mercury would rise just fifteen degrees so I could wear sandals...

Friday, April 07, 2006

Polly of California

I've been in a real shoe-buying mood these days. Actually, that's not so strange.

Look what I got at Pat Field's new store on the Bowery. I also interviewed Ms. Field for the "Icons" issue of Swindle magazine yesterday. She's an incredible dynamo and I really came away from the interview with some precious nuggets of inspiration. Pat explained that being unhappy is foolish and wasteful and even I, with my melancholic tendencies, have to agree. In her words, "life is a party and you should enjoy it because it ends." Very true indeed, wise lady.

Frankly, these throwback, slightly slutty, '70s glam-o-rama steppers are just right for an everyday celebration. These are, have been and will always be awesome. Feathered bangs optional.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Ted Rossi Snakeskin Bangles

I can't stop wearing my sssssssssuper sssssssssexy sssssssssssnakeskin bangle bracelet by Ted Rossi. TASTY!

Perfect python power, and a gold leather lining to boot. Not really too mad at the price either.

Copped at the hottest store in Miami, Arrive.

Monday, April 03, 2006


Hey packaging people and marketing people: go ahead and make some cosmetics with little flower shaped caps and shit, even better, throw a bow on the nail polish bottle too, ok? You can't lose. Someone will buy it, and I mean a THREE PACK of lip glosses, just for the packaging and won't even test the colors or anything!

Yes, that someone was me.

Marc Jellies

Sure $100 may seem pricey for a pair of rubber shoes. But these are just so right. Marc by Marc Jacobs surf jellies ballerina flats in gold. Get 'em here.

My first memories of jelly shoes have me at about 10, going to summer camp in the country, running in the big local pool away from the mentally challeneged boy who'd pretend to be a shark and chase me in the water. Bad enough he was pretending to be a shark (a bobbing "fin" in the form of two hands still makes me squeal), he was also, that kid. And he had to have a thing for me, right?

My pair was blue glitter, if I can remember correctly. They had a spiraling, interlocking weave and a little one-inch wedge heel like these. I thought they were pretty rad 'cause they were slip on pump-stlye, not buckle strap sandal-style which was for babies like my little sister.

I wore mine as soon as I bought them yesterday and they made me feel 10 again. Wheeeeee. Thank you Marc!

R.I.P. Hal

Rest in peace, sweet coyote.

Hal dropped dead, of unknown causes, moments before he was to be released. What were they doing to him????!!!!!!!!! It's a cruel world, Hal, but you're in the big city park in the sky now.

From the New York Times article:

"He was in good shape when he left me," one of the handlers, Rebecca Asman, said yesterday. "Maybe there were other things going on inside of Hal. He looked good to us. As far as outward appearance, he was eating very well and he was very calm, but coyotes are by nature very calm."