Thursday, April 27, 2006

Joyce Carol Oates

This dog looks like my favorite writer Joyce Carol Oates.

I am currently reading a collection of her short stories called "I Am No One You Know" . I love JCO in these small doses -- little tight giblets of prose that add up to a whopper of a meal, or across longer works where she really lets loose with abstract fragments and all that good stuff.

I read her all the time, and lucky for me she's the most prolific American writer out there. I think if she was a man and put out less work, she'd be even more famous than she is. Which is basically SUPER wack, but the way things work.

JCO is a professor at Princeton and I wish I had gone there so I could have studied with her. I wanted to interview her for something but then the thought of being face to face with her made me so nervous I never pursued it.

Her recurring themes are right up my alley and I love how she can take you right smack into the middle of a character's insane headtrip with one carefully crafted line....

Totally heart you Ms. Oates.

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