Monday, April 03, 2006

Marc Jellies

Sure $100 may seem pricey for a pair of rubber shoes. But these are just so right. Marc by Marc Jacobs surf jellies ballerina flats in gold. Get 'em here.

My first memories of jelly shoes have me at about 10, going to summer camp in the country, running in the big local pool away from the mentally challeneged boy who'd pretend to be a shark and chase me in the water. Bad enough he was pretending to be a shark (a bobbing "fin" in the form of two hands still makes me squeal), he was also, that kid. And he had to have a thing for me, right?

My pair was blue glitter, if I can remember correctly. They had a spiraling, interlocking weave and a little one-inch wedge heel like these. I thought they were pretty rad 'cause they were slip on pump-stlye, not buckle strap sandal-style which was for babies like my little sister.

I wore mine as soon as I bought them yesterday and they made me feel 10 again. Wheeeeee. Thank you Marc!

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