Friday, April 07, 2006

Polly of California

I've been in a real shoe-buying mood these days. Actually, that's not so strange.

Look what I got at Pat Field's new store on the Bowery. I also interviewed Ms. Field for the "Icons" issue of Swindle magazine yesterday. She's an incredible dynamo and I really came away from the interview with some precious nuggets of inspiration. Pat explained that being unhappy is foolish and wasteful and even I, with my melancholic tendencies, have to agree. In her words, "life is a party and you should enjoy it because it ends." Very true indeed, wise lady.

Frankly, these throwback, slightly slutty, '70s glam-o-rama steppers are just right for an everyday celebration. These are, have been and will always be awesome. Feathered bangs optional.

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