Sunday, April 16, 2006


I took this test and I am not simply a geek, dork or nerd. My results read PURE NERD.

Jeeeesus. I mean, I know I know, but....PURE nerd?

No one on the page came close to my nerd quotient, everyone's all 59%, 46%. The guys who have pictures of themselves shirtless with their muscles out came in at like 23% nerd. Is it any wonder I can't even talk to dudes like that?

Yours truly came in at a whopping 83% nerd. Only thing is....I'm only 22% dork. I think that means that I am an attractive and sociable lifetime learner. Yeah baby....I heart books.


Anonymous said...

78% nerd 54% geek 24% dork

Anonymous said...
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