Sunday, May 28, 2006

A.M. Homes

Poor A.M. Homes -- her new novel This Book Will Save Your Life has been getting slammed all over the place and frankly, I thought it was pretty kyewt. Maybe it's not the best thing for a novel to be kyewt, ok fine, but you should know what I mean. The dreaded Kakutani was semi-right when she said it didn't have Homes' usual "verve" (but it was not completely "devoid" as she said) and yes, the sinkhole is a "paint by numbers metaphor" for the protagonist's mid-life crisis (goes without saying doesn't it? Doy.) but Jesus, Michiko you icy miss, did you have to call it "dreadful" in the opening sentence of the review? Brrrrr.

Homes is great for many reasons -- she's a ballsy writer, a Sagittarius, the writer of The L Word's best episodes, a Seven Sister alumna and a fan of Rothko.

I read the book last week and it didn't save my life, but I enjoyed it. If I don't end up skimming at this juncture in my reading career, I'm impressed. Also, I couldn't stop looking at her knockout photo on the book jacket. She's so pretty.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Walkie Bits

I don't know where I've been, but I just discovered these tiny turtles called Walkie Bits. They're all the rage in Japan, where they are made by Takara (the toy manufacturer who also makes Blythe). I'm not usually overly gaga for robotic or responsive toys because they can be hard to figure out and have a tendancy to make unstoppable, annoying sounds but these guys are kyewt! They sing, they wiggle their butts, they walk and run in programmed code and they're itty bitty. I'm totally hitting ebay.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Fruit Man Schools Me On Cashews

Another Jamaica post.

I eat cashews all the time. But I will confess, that until my trip to Jah Jah, I was ignorant about how they grew. Cashews grow inside little fruits that look like peppers. If you roast the small pepper thing, inside you'll find a charred, heart-shaped black outer shell, which when broken, reveals the meat of the nut. So this guy above, at the Freddie McGregor concert at Bourbon Beach on Negril's famous 7 Mile Beach (so fun!) gave me twelve painstakingly produced cashew nuts for a buck. He very tenderly chipped the shells away and scraped off the roasted skin.

I ate them the next morning, lying in bed looking at the sea. Yum!

Back from Jamrock

I'm back from Jamaica!

What a doooooope country. The people, the food, the Carribean, the foliage, the fishies, the mushroom tea, the music and the herb -- UH-MAY-ZING.

Check out this kyewt kitty (oh and er, the view) that came to say meow to us in our villa. Bahr gave him Doritos.

Totally going back in October.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Sanrio Sugarbunnies

I must confess that I have been more in love with San-X's cuties than Sanrio's lately. It's totally blasphemous to talk smack about HK's team, but I'm just being honest.

The Sugarbunnies however, are definitely on point. The name is great. All you need really.

Here's their bio from the Sanrio site:

"Shirousa and Kurousa are master confectioners with a magical touch. Their sweet shop is the most popular in Bunnyland because, no matter who you are, once you bite into a Shirousa-Kurousa creation, you are filled with happiness. At night, they use a secret portal in the back of their oven to visit our world and spread happiness here, too! While the rest of us are sleeping, they are busy visiting neighborhood sweet shops, where they make sweets until the sun comes up. So if you find yourself smiling after eating a candy or pastry, it may well have been made by the sugarbunnies!"

And there's already a fan site.

Gold Teddy Bears

I am recently obsessed with gold teddy bears in any size or shape. Yep.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Cats in Sinks

And now for something just straight up fucking's a website Mara and I really enjoy...Cats in Sinks! The name says it all.

Amazing how much time can be killed here. Click click click click. Yay!

Parkinson's Unity Walk

Kyewt isn't necessarily happy. Sometimes kyewt can be tender, heartfelt, even sad. Kyewt is simply a pulling, strumming at the heartstrings that can come in many forms.

Take for instance, this photo that I snapped at the Unity Walk in Central Park to raise money and awareness for the fight against Parkinson's Disease. This little boy and his touching sign (it says "I miss my dad's mom") is kyewt to the max. My daddy has that pesky Parkinson''s sad, sure, but we keep on keepin' on. So last weekend, with the sun shining, we took to the park with dad's exercise group, the Westchester Hokey Pokeys and had a ball. Janet Reno was there, Michael J. Fox and Laila Ali (for her dad) too.