Sunday, May 28, 2006

A.M. Homes

Poor A.M. Homes -- her new novel This Book Will Save Your Life has been getting slammed all over the place and frankly, I thought it was pretty kyewt. Maybe it's not the best thing for a novel to be kyewt, ok fine, but you should know what I mean. The dreaded Kakutani was semi-right when she said it didn't have Homes' usual "verve" (but it was not completely "devoid" as she said) and yes, the sinkhole is a "paint by numbers metaphor" for the protagonist's mid-life crisis (goes without saying doesn't it? Doy.) but Jesus, Michiko you icy miss, did you have to call it "dreadful" in the opening sentence of the review? Brrrrr.

Homes is great for many reasons -- she's a ballsy writer, a Sagittarius, the writer of The L Word's best episodes, a Seven Sister alumna and a fan of Rothko.

I read the book last week and it didn't save my life, but I enjoyed it. If I don't end up skimming at this juncture in my reading career, I'm impressed. Also, I couldn't stop looking at her knockout photo on the book jacket. She's so pretty.

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Apucious said...

I agree. You can check the Penguin USA podcast for an author read excerpt