Thursday, May 04, 2006

Sanrio Sugarbunnies

I must confess that I have been more in love with San-X's cuties than Sanrio's lately. It's totally blasphemous to talk smack about HK's team, but I'm just being honest.

The Sugarbunnies however, are definitely on point. The name is great. All you need really.

Here's their bio from the Sanrio site:

"Shirousa and Kurousa are master confectioners with a magical touch. Their sweet shop is the most popular in Bunnyland because, no matter who you are, once you bite into a Shirousa-Kurousa creation, you are filled with happiness. At night, they use a secret portal in the back of their oven to visit our world and spread happiness here, too! While the rest of us are sleeping, they are busy visiting neighborhood sweet shops, where they make sweets until the sun comes up. So if you find yourself smiling after eating a candy or pastry, it may well have been made by the sugarbunnies!"

And there's already a fan site.

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Mara Flynn said...

This reminds me that we went to the hello kitty store last week with mark's niece Ellie (per her request). Her favorites items were her HK filofax and calculator. She's 5 BTW. So cute acting like a little business woman!!