Thursday, July 27, 2006

Hello Kitty Mitsubishi, Smart Cars, Mini Coop

Mara's bf Mark alerted her to this.

There's really nothing to say. The pictures do all the talkin'.

I dig itty bitty baby cars. As Richard determined in Spain, "Smart Cars are the new Scion." That's sort of an inside marketing joke, but I do have to say those puppies are smart. And they hit the kyewt jackpot with this pink two seater jammie. Love. Cheap too. When I move to Barcelona, I'm getting this.
In the US, we don't have so many baby cars, since that basically goes against all of our greedy fat fundamental beliefs, but I am desperado for the MiniCooper. Black convertible with gold glitter flame detail in the front. Watch out, I'm gonna get it soon. Perfect for speeeeeeeeding! I heart speeding.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Egyptian Mau

Ohhh little Egyptian Mau kitten, why do you look so crazy and so kyewt?

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Koolhaas and Balmond for Serpentine Gallery

Sometimes kyewt can be BIG. You gotta give it up to Rem.

I love the bubble, click here for the babble.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Creative Rec Mini Kix

Checked in with my good man Robert from Creative Recreation at the Bread & Butter show in Barcelona. He was looking fresh despite the fact his luggage got lost, and it was as always, nice to catch up. When you've been doing the shows for as long as we have, it's like summercamp reunion after a while.

Anyway....they debuted baby sneaks. Awwwwwwwwww KYEWT!


After a week in Spain, I am fully ready to move there and drink, stroll, siesta and dream my life away. Three days were had in S'Agaro (the Bel Air of the Costa Brava) at La Gavina. Ah the view from the terrace (above). Ooooh la la. The fabulous life of ME! On said terrace is where breakfast was served. On pink and gold plates.

The sea was amazing, the food stupendous, the sunsets endless, the sangria rose-scented.

Check me out here in Cadaques....even Dali's pointing cuz my dress is so kyewt!
From S'Agaro, after working on my bangin' tan, it was down to Barcelona for the Bread and Butter tradeshow. City noise was kind of a bummer, but look what was right outside the window of our hotel.....

Casa Mila, the best Gaudi ever. Muy bueno! Sepia tone, just cuz. It was lovely, lovely, lovely to look at. Goooooo Art History!

Next up was a little World Cup action with... new friend Steven Vogel. A super kyewtie for sure, he hooked us up with all the necessities for a great show.

Dinner with G-Star was a blast....namely for the tiny shells and fishies they stuffed us with:

Yum and yum.

I'm ready to go back now.