Friday, August 18, 2006


A conversation on IM with sister.....

LizaShermanLI (2:10:34 PM): Narwhals...the unicorn whale.
LizaShermanLI (2:10:35 PM): yeah
LizaShermanLI (2:11:31 PM): it looks like a tusk...but it is actually a tooflikins!
Downtownmiss (2:11:38 PM): whoa!
LizaShermanLI (2:11:45 PM): Yessssssssssssssss
LizaShermanLI (2:12:20 PM): do you remember in the movie Elf the narwhal is like "good luck finding you dad buddy" and will farrell is like "thanks Mr. Narwhal"
LizaShermanLI (2:12:33 PM): yessssssssssssssssssssssssssss
LizaShermanLI (2:12:54 PM): it is like a manatee with a unicorn spike. rockin!

Pretty much!!!!!!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Miss Van iPod Skins

Totally getting these for le nano.

In terms of French graf girls who paint girls, Miss Van's better than Fafi, even though Fafi's been getting more play lately (all down with Colette and up in Urban Outfitters). I think I like Miss Van's girls better because they're plus curvy, plus sexy and there's a dark edginess to them that the Fafi babes lack. Like, they tongue kiss rabbits and wear bondage masks. Eew. But kyewt.

Napoleon Cats

Yeah, this cat IS standing up.

I bought an issue of Cat Fancy magazine the other day. I know, I know, it seems I am turning into one of those creepy women who eats ice cream on the couch every night in her gross apartment amidst a gaggle of stinky kitties and yes, I am getting fatter and I love my Lloyd but I'm not going "crazy cat woman" anytime soon, or so I hope not. I bought it to cheer up my honey, because he's one of those "crazy cat women" but only on the inside. He is, as he says, "one with the cats." So he was in a funk and I was sick with a strange flu-like cold and I hobbled to CVS and there was Cat Fancy so I bought it. Defensive, yes. But like, Cat Fancy is a publication for crazies.

Crazy me read it cover to cover and I learned of some alarming new trends in cat breeding. See above and this site. Oh Jesus. It's sick and mesmerizing.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Baby Panda Explosion!!!

Speaking of endangered's a baby bonanza for pandas in captivity over in the homeland right now. Rare and precious, there are only about 1,500 pandas, period. Half the number of manatees. They love eating and sleeping. Me too.

This little bear is mega kyewt, even covered in placenta with his cord a danglin'. Look at its little paw.

Tappie the Manatee Chillin' in Croton

Very exciting news in kyewtland....a manatee (maybe two, according to today's news) has been spotted in the Hudson River, first off of Manhattan (Chelsea and Harlem) then further upstream around the Tappan Zee bridge and now up by my parents' in Croton-on-Hudson. Nice to know according to John Vargo, the editor and publisher of Boating on the Hudson & Beyond magazine, that Tappie (the manatee's new name), "has found heaven right there. The Croton River empties fresh water into the Hudson there, and you have all kinds of grasses growing on the bottom. It’s the healthiest part of the Hudson.” (This is from Corey Kilgannon's NYTimes article). I wish Tappie had been around for my summers at sailing school back in 7th grade...I would have been very pleased to see him/her upon leaping off my little Sunfish for a dip.

I hope Tappie can get outta dodge before it gets cold.

There are only a little over 3,000 manatees around, period. They are endangered and "authorities" are telling people to stay away from Tappie should she/he be spotted.