Thursday, August 17, 2006

Napoleon Cats

Yeah, this cat IS standing up.

I bought an issue of Cat Fancy magazine the other day. I know, I know, it seems I am turning into one of those creepy women who eats ice cream on the couch every night in her gross apartment amidst a gaggle of stinky kitties and yes, I am getting fatter and I love my Lloyd but I'm not going "crazy cat woman" anytime soon, or so I hope not. I bought it to cheer up my honey, because he's one of those "crazy cat women" but only on the inside. He is, as he says, "one with the cats." So he was in a funk and I was sick with a strange flu-like cold and I hobbled to CVS and there was Cat Fancy so I bought it. Defensive, yes. But like, Cat Fancy is a publication for crazies.

Crazy me read it cover to cover and I learned of some alarming new trends in cat breeding. See above and this site. Oh Jesus. It's sick and mesmerizing.

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