Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Tappie the Manatee Chillin' in Croton

Very exciting news in kyewtland....a manatee (maybe two, according to today's news) has been spotted in the Hudson River, first off of Manhattan (Chelsea and Harlem) then further upstream around the Tappan Zee bridge and now up by my parents' in Croton-on-Hudson. Nice to know according to John Vargo, the editor and publisher of Boating on the Hudson & Beyond magazine, that Tappie (the manatee's new name), "has found heaven right there. The Croton River empties fresh water into the Hudson there, and you have all kinds of grasses growing on the bottom. It’s the healthiest part of the Hudson.” (This is from Corey Kilgannon's NYTimes article). I wish Tappie had been around for my summers at sailing school back in 7th grade...I would have been very pleased to see him/her upon leaping off my little Sunfish for a dip.

I hope Tappie can get outta dodge before it gets cold.

There are only a little over 3,000 manatees around, period. They are endangered and "authorities" are telling people to stay away from Tappie should she/he be spotted.

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