Friday, September 22, 2006

Baby Panda Explosion Part Deux!!!

I posted a while back about an explosion of baby pandas born in China, thanks to a tip from Joy (scroll down for the kyewtest picture of a lil' one, fresh out of the womb).

Here, from my Aunty Joanne and cousin Julie, are recent pictures of 16 babies in Sichuan.




toooooooooooooooo kyewt.

Here's an excerpt from an article:

The Sichuan Wolong Panda Protection and Breed Center is dealing with the results of a breeding boom -- 16 pandas have been born since July. The brood includes five sets of twins. The cubs are weighed and measured every five days by a special panda nurse.The heaviest tips the scale at just over 24 pounds, while the lightest weighs about 11 pounds. The pandas are due to stop being suckled by their mothers in February, 2006 just about the time they'll start learning to walk. Once weaned, the panda cubs will attend panda kindergarten. In the meantime, more little ones are expected at the center, since 38 giant pandas were artificially impregnated.

Special panda nurse and panda kindergarten. Gorgeous.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Sweet Baby James

I caught a James Taylor concert circa 1970 for the BBC on the Ovation channel the other night. Hot damn, that is my boyfriend! Or so I wished when I was a little little girl...before I could work the turntable myself, I'd ask my mom to put this album on and I'd gaze at this cover. Handyman was my jam.

See a snippet of the BBC concert here. HOT.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Farmer's Market Sticker Planet (Paradise)

Last week in LA we stumbled upon this.

Sung took me and Claw for some Indonesian food and a trolley ride at the Farmer's Market and the Grove (a concept-y outdoor know I love a mall). After Claw pawed the most crazy rhinestone jean jacket in some contempo boutique and I bought panties, we wandered through the food stalls under low tents and there...

Rolls and rolls, rolls of stickers.

See Claw and Sung mocking my enthusiasm and loving it! Stickers4evaaaaaaa.