Thursday, June 07, 2007


I was in Chicago last weekend with Mara.

I visited my new client, Threadless. They're great, I had a blast with them.

Claudia sent me this picture today and it reminded me of one of the best things about Chi-town -- Giordano's! MMMMMMMMMMMM!

Trendy Art

The Rothko sale at Sotheby's confirms a few things that I've been thinking about lately.

1) There is too much money floating around out there in Crazytown.
2) Rothko is TRENDY.

Yes, trendy. I have been reading one too many creative types citing Rothko as an influence these days in little online interviews and such. I'm kind of annoyed by it. Of course I'm gonna take credit for setting that off -- only a few people used to loooove Rothko (mom, you're first for sure -- thank you for the cultured upbringing) but now everyone looooves him.

Let's move on, kids. And if we have to stay within Ab Ex, I'm proposing we all turn to Motherwell.

Even better, Helen Frankenthaler.

You heard it here first.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Gund Snuffles

I don't know about you, but in my teen years on the Westchester scene,the Gund Snuffles was the bear to have. As for all other stuffed animals, the Gund tush tag was as requisite as the real deal $12 EG Smith scrunch socks. Now the kids want Dooney and Bourke bags. Same status bs, but those seemed like simpler times.

Was thinking about Snuffles recently and saw that the company came out with a 25th anniversary edition a few years ago. According to the Wikipedia entry:

"Snuffles was designed in 1980 by the mother of Bruce Raiffe, the President of Gund between 1993 and July 2004. She was inspired by the shape of a beautiful crescent moon in the sky, and designed a happy bear looking up at the moon. Snuffles debuted in 1981, and he is now the oldest bear in Gund's product line."

The pink one was the best.

Friday, May 11, 2007

iGoogle Tea House

Of course I wasn't alone with my sweet fox. He's been keeping me company for the past few weeks on my iGoogle homepage and frankly, I'm in love. Mr. Fox lives in the Teahouse theme, a new feature for a souped up Google experience, and he's a busy little guy -- in a very Zen way. Others have taken note: Wired blogged a good overview of the new features, and a Layercake shows screencaptures of all the Teahouse skins that change throuhgout the day. From morning (fishing for the daily catch in a lil boat) to night (chilling on the dock, entertaining the troops) foxy is doing his thing.

Monday, April 09, 2007


Sister got put this little wind-up otter in my Easter basket. He's very very kyewt.
She didn't even know that I had been watching the youtube footage of Milo and Nyack holding hands all weekend. They are quite the internet sensations, and for good reason. Kyewt city!
Nyack is a survivor from the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill. Glad to see Milo's taking good care of her up in Vancouver.
I didn't know otters were endangered. Lame.

Monday, April 02, 2007


Now I'm not one for Jesus (mom and dad are Buddhist) but I love me some sugar, chocolate, prezzies, eggs, chicks and bunnies so Easter works for me! For my clan, Easter means being together as a family and making jiggy baskets full of goodies that probably symbolize something, but I don't know what. My best Easter basket had plastic eggs stuffed with money and a flowery set of sheets (thanks, Mom! You Chinese Martha Stewart you!).
But I digress.....the point of this post is: Marshmallow Peeps are the best. I remember sitting in Art 100 with Betsy at school where beneath the dimmed lights and the flicker of changing slides in the grand auditorium, we housed a huge package between the two of us before walking out into the sunlight drunk in a crystal sugar haze. Mmmmmmmmmmm.
I love the bunnies the most. True, the beaks on the chicks cannot be beat in terms of kyewt appeal, but the bunnies really make the best non-edible "products." I am currently stashing tiny plush bunnies in all of my pockets, just to brighten my day. They are about 3.5", very squishy and come packaged in a little cardboard box:

This season, I've been more than happy to welcome the brand spankin new Cocoa Peeps Bunnies, which come in an 8 pack and are FREAKIN delish. No surprise there...cocoa and peeps -- a match made in heaven. I was also pleased with the tiny plush Peeps dolls in a polka-dot pattern (very Head Porter!):

HOWEVER. I am dismayed that my favorite Peeps product, the Peeps Squeeze dolls (like Mogu, but you know, Peeps) have been discontinued. This picture must have been taken last year:

I got a mid-size purple bunny last year at Target (I like to travel with it, and yes...the inspection man really played me out at the Jet Blue terminal last month....whipped it out of my carry on, held it up and just looked at me like, "ok, crazy."), but I missed the giant ones and now I'm obsessing over them. I called every toy store in the city to no avail. I spoke to someone at ToysRUs who said they had some in stock, so I ran over there (Times Square...the horror!) only to find some hideous plush version in a multi-yarn, long, nappy furry fabric....EEEEWWWW. Peeps aren't furry! What is going ON, Commonwealth Toys???

Now Joy has just alerted me to a Peeps special event at Dylan's Candy Bar that featured a Peeps fondue station and a Peeps car. I missed it. Obviously the fan club is slack in their timely dissemination of local news and happenings. Jerks.

Kenadie Jourdin-Bromley

I watched a program called "Incredibly Small: Kenadie's Story" about this little wonder on the TLC channel late at night last week. I was riveted. Kenadie has what is called Primordial Dwarfism. People who have PD are the smallest people in the world, and there are only about 40 in the United States and 100 worldwide. They differ from other Little People in that they are small, but proportioned. It's a debilitating and difficult affliction, but this little doll is full of spunk and very kyewt. I am glad her mom posts updates about Kenadie's well being on her website. I wish her lots of luck and send tiny hugs.
Photo of Kenadie and her dad by Gary Parker.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Nerds (Candy)

How cute are Nerds? They have no arms. They're always doing fun things like skateboarding and sunbathing.

I just noticed last night, cuz the store near my temporary home has no gummy bears, so I bought a box of Lemondade/Cherry Nerd for me and Bahr. They were pretty delicious too.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Fast Food the New Owls?

Shouts to Jeremy Scott for sparking the latest hipster icon food! For Fall 2006, Scott showed a collection based around ice cream, pizza, burgers and fries:


And now, cool kids are following suit with assorted graphic greasy goodness on tees, bags and more:

Best of all, is CLAWZZY's take on it all.....BurgieMushkins with cheeeeeezy talons:

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Rob Walker & Murketing

My friend Rob Walker sent me this picture of Mr. Tiny Polar Bear Baby and it's a winner! Damn those paws are kyewt!

Rob's a writerman and loves the biz of branding, the ins and outs of the dolla dolla bill, nerds who make tees, hating on Mahattan, the 504 and the consumer landscape (he writes "Consumed" for the NY Times magazine, duh) among other things. Rob has a blog called Murketing and he recently ran a convo we had over email about Mashimoro vs. Kitty, Sanrio and San-X. Rob's kinda new to kyewt and I was more than happy to lend my retarded expertise. I was also honored to make the Murketing blog -- a good look for the kyewt crusade!

I shared the link with my sister and she said "for the record, Mashimoro sucks."

SIDE NOTE: I love to say Mashimoro (marshmallow). In fact, I love english words turned Japanese, like "Karisumasu Keiky" (Christmas Cake) which is used to refer to a woman of a certain age who hasn't yet married, like an old holiday fruit cake sittin' around uneaten. Heh heh heh.

Fisher Price Record Player

Should I buy this on Ebay?

I know, it's crazy but being a nostalgia freak (especially and almost exclusively when it has to do with MY childhood), I can't help but drool over this little beauty. I can vividly remember sitting on the floor with this, in front of my bookshelves and spinning records. Of course, I spun real records as soon as I could...

Shall I buy it and save it for my own children, or settle for something like this instead? Eew.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sweetie In Styles Section

Well, well, well....what better way to end a three month long blogging hiatus with the posting of this picture from Sunday's NYTimes Styles section. Look at my very handsome better half, Bahr Brown -- role model, community leader, entrepreneur and fashion plate. His store Everything Must Go is the best in the city right now, simply because it's truly unique, straightforward, authentically cool, a gathering place for the community and an extension of his personality (warm, kind, tasteful, hip - blip? - and just a little bit weird).

I'm sick of slick, overly designed, prop laden, cool guy shops with invisible owners who feebly attempt to dictate style. Taxidermy, a beard and some 'tude do not = cool. Rare sneakers, kissing Nike corporate ass and being rude to young fans of streetwear is not cool. But hey, you're cool, or you're not. Helping kids is cool. Being nice is cool. Doing things for the community is cool. Being present and sweeping your own floors is cool.

This Times article is not the best (poor Jessica Pressler's work got raped by NINE editors at the grey lady -- and through all the editing and rearranging they can't get the facts straight -- Bahr doesn't live in East Harlem, we live in Gramercy but ok). The picture however, is amazing. He invited all the kids to the shoot, they were all giddy with excitement, their moms came out, the little one inside the shop in the window was too shy to have his picture's real folks, it's real. Blipster or no blipster, great things are happening in the 'hood thanks to my honey.