Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sweetie In Styles Section

Well, well, well....what better way to end a three month long blogging hiatus with the posting of this picture from Sunday's NYTimes Styles section. Look at my very handsome better half, Bahr Brown -- role model, community leader, entrepreneur and fashion plate. His store Everything Must Go is the best in the city right now, simply because it's truly unique, straightforward, authentically cool, a gathering place for the community and an extension of his personality (warm, kind, tasteful, hip - blip? - and just a little bit weird).

I'm sick of slick, overly designed, prop laden, cool guy shops with invisible owners who feebly attempt to dictate style. Taxidermy, a beard and some 'tude do not = cool. Rare sneakers, kissing Nike corporate ass and being rude to young fans of streetwear is not cool. But hey, you're cool, or you're not. Helping kids is cool. Being nice is cool. Doing things for the community is cool. Being present and sweeping your own floors is cool.

This Times article is not the best (poor Jessica Pressler's work got raped by NINE editors at the grey lady -- and through all the editing and rearranging they can't get the facts straight -- Bahr doesn't live in East Harlem, we live in Gramercy but ok). The picture however, is amazing. He invited all the kids to the shoot, they were all giddy with excitement, their moms came out, the little one inside the shop in the window was too shy to have his picture taken...it's real folks, it's real. Blipster or no blipster, great things are happening in the 'hood thanks to my honey.

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