Monday, April 02, 2007


Now I'm not one for Jesus (mom and dad are Buddhist) but I love me some sugar, chocolate, prezzies, eggs, chicks and bunnies so Easter works for me! For my clan, Easter means being together as a family and making jiggy baskets full of goodies that probably symbolize something, but I don't know what. My best Easter basket had plastic eggs stuffed with money and a flowery set of sheets (thanks, Mom! You Chinese Martha Stewart you!).
But I digress.....the point of this post is: Marshmallow Peeps are the best. I remember sitting in Art 100 with Betsy at school where beneath the dimmed lights and the flicker of changing slides in the grand auditorium, we housed a huge package between the two of us before walking out into the sunlight drunk in a crystal sugar haze. Mmmmmmmmmmm.
I love the bunnies the most. True, the beaks on the chicks cannot be beat in terms of kyewt appeal, but the bunnies really make the best non-edible "products." I am currently stashing tiny plush bunnies in all of my pockets, just to brighten my day. They are about 3.5", very squishy and come packaged in a little cardboard box:

This season, I've been more than happy to welcome the brand spankin new Cocoa Peeps Bunnies, which come in an 8 pack and are FREAKIN delish. No surprise there...cocoa and peeps -- a match made in heaven. I was also pleased with the tiny plush Peeps dolls in a polka-dot pattern (very Head Porter!):

HOWEVER. I am dismayed that my favorite Peeps product, the Peeps Squeeze dolls (like Mogu, but you know, Peeps) have been discontinued. This picture must have been taken last year:

I got a mid-size purple bunny last year at Target (I like to travel with it, and yes...the inspection man really played me out at the Jet Blue terminal last month....whipped it out of my carry on, held it up and just looked at me like, "ok, crazy."), but I missed the giant ones and now I'm obsessing over them. I called every toy store in the city to no avail. I spoke to someone at ToysRUs who said they had some in stock, so I ran over there (Times Square...the horror!) only to find some hideous plush version in a multi-yarn, long, nappy furry fabric....EEEEWWWW. Peeps aren't furry! What is going ON, Commonwealth Toys???

Now Joy has just alerted me to a Peeps special event at Dylan's Candy Bar that featured a Peeps fondue station and a Peeps car. I missed it. Obviously the fan club is slack in their timely dissemination of local news and happenings. Jerks.


I Heart Guts said...

plush peeps = totally necessary.

Anonymous said...

I got one of the plush polka dot stuffed peeps yesterday. I got it from a claw machine. It is adorable!! Its pink with white polka dots and brown eyes!! So "Kweyt"!!