Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mason Pearson for the little ones

After Bodhi's pediatrician appointment this week, I nipped into the Apthorp Pharmacy (so fancy it's more like Barney's than Duane Reade - even post makeover) to look for a new hairbrush for him. I had a jiggy little European number that I I've been on the hunt for something good. I scoped out some Swiss ones in a display case and had a saleslady open it for me to get a closer look. But after telling her that Bodhi is 18 mos old, she clucked and said "no, no, no. These are for babies." She fiddled with some keys and bent over to open a drawer below the case. She popped back up with this beautiful Mason Pearson sweetie, in heavy, gorgeous light blue. Somehow it's not a cloying light blue. It's deeper, nice. She said, "he needs this."

Oh yes he does.

But at $85. He'll have to wait for Christmas.

I love my jumbo Mason P brush. More often than not, I just run a comb through my hair after my shower and walk out the door, but when a good brushing is in order, nothing moves the oils around and smooths like the MP paddle. Boar bristle, baby. And mostly handmade. And that's something these days.

P.S. - You know what else they sell at the Apthorp Rx? Snuffles! (You know I bought him).

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