Friday, October 23, 2009

New Balance x Sesame Street

As cute as branded apparel in teensy sizes is, I have opted not to dress Bodhi in much logo-ed gear (the Bape hoody is allll his father's and his father's friends' doing).

But these? Had to get 'em.

I mean, these kids, they REALLY love Sesame Street. Mine included. Things have changed since the Sesame Street of yesteryear (ahem, the '70s) and there are girl muppets (Hate. Them. All.), Spanish-speaking muppets (Hate. Them. So. Much.) and at the center of everything... Elmo. Sweet Elmo. I disliked him for years from afar, but now that I'm all up in the Street again, I have to say, he's diva, sugar and sunshine all wrapped up in red fur.

I chose this model not only for the good colorway, but out of respect for sweet Grover. Since Elmo's stepped on the scene, Grover now almost always plays a very goofy, sort of cracked out second fiddle. He's like Elmo's dumb, crazy and old friend. But damn, he used to be the man! Er, monster.

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